Gayatri Pariwar Western Ontario-Canada

Gayatri Pariwar – Western Ontario is an integral part of the world-wide Gayatri Pariwar movement, founded by Yugrishi Sri Ram Sharma Acharya and Mata Bhagawati Devi Sharma. Gayatri Pariwar is a spiritual movement that regenerates the highest human values around the world. Gayatri Pariwar (India) was founded in 1940 in order to uplift the oppressed in India and to rejuvenate divinity among its people.

Based on the principle of “Giving is the law of the Universe” (Yagya) and Wisdom (Vivek), Gayatri Pariwar in Western Ontario is dedicated to ‘Serve God in Man’. We want to usher in a new way of living based on Gayatri Mantra in order to inspire divine culture by improving individuals, families and the beautiful Earth.

Gayatri Pariwar – Western Ontario is involved in many religious and cultural activities such as Vasant Panchmi, Gayatri Jayanti, Guru Poornima, and both Navratri Anushthan. GPWO also conduct Pragya mandal activities each month in different areas of Western Ontario. Gayatri Pariwar also conducts Youth Camp for children each year in summer months. In addition, Gayatri Pariwar performs following religious activities throughout the year in Western Ontario area:

  • Gayatri Yagya/ Deep Yagya
  • Satyanarayan Katha
  • Sacramental Rites such as Punsavan, Namkaran, Mundan, Yagyopaveet, Janmadin & Vivah etc.
  • Grih Paravesh Sanskar

For social up-liftments the GPWO pursues programmes on eradication of poverty, inebriation and social evils. Programmes for promotion of tree plantation, cleanliness, health and literacy are organized round the year.

Famous quotes from Guruji

Thinking before doing is wisdom. Thinking while doing is awareness and thinking after doing is foolishness.

Listen to Gayatri Mantra

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