The sacred thread ceremony – Installation of the principles of Indian culture – taking pledge to lead disciplines, dignified spiritual life .
The most important sanskar for teenagers and youth , regardless of gender. It indeed gives “new birth” ( dwijatva ) to a person. The development of personality coherent with the dignity of human-being begins only after one adopts certain moral values and disciplines of humanity and enlightens his/her mind as well as inner self. The Yagyopaveet sanskar is performed to channelize this development . The initiation of the Gayatri Mantra and experiments of spiritual elevation is associated with this sanskar .

Acharya Sharma eliminated all misconceptions and illusions associated with Yagyopaveet and Gayatri . He revived the methods of performing this sanskar and propagated the universality of Yagyopaveet and Gayatri and made that knowledge available and attainable for all humans, without any discrimination of sex, caste, religion, creed, or social status. He also invoked the discipline of maintaining shikha (hair knot) on head. This shikha is placed at a point, which is very important for positive impact of yoga and meditation. It lies at a special junction of many nerves, which are linked with intellectual processing and memory registration in the brain and is found to have a controlling effect on harmonious functioning of the endocrine system.